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Welcome to Habits to Wealth! My goal is to help people understand that Financial Independence is achievable and it is possible for you to be a Millionaire.  I believe that if we just start with small changes in our habits of spending and the way we view money then it's possible. This is not a get-rich-fast scheme but with slow and steady investing methods base on the Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) movement.  With this, I think you can reach your Financial Independence goal faster or start building your generation's wealth.  I hope we can build a community where we can encourage and help one another to reach our goals.

Help yourself and take a look around and I hope that it would've motivated you to start your FIRE journey or start building your generation's wealth.   Follow on YouTube channel habits to wealth.

*Disclaimer. I am not a financial advisor. The contents on this site are referenced as opinions and are for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice.  Please seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.

Below you will find there are three calculators:

GetYourFIRE - calculate how much you would need for retirement.

Investment - calculate how long it would take to grow your investment.

FIRE Life - calculate would you ever run out of money for retirement life.

Your 1st Million - calculate when you will reach your million(s).

Note: Inflation is not accounted for in the calculation.



Calculate your FIRE # :

*This will calculate your FIRE # by getting your yearly expenses then multiply by 30 years.  It also calculate your current saving to show you how much you will need to reach FIRE #.  Then it calculates how fast to reach FIRE # If you contributed monthly with a specific amount.

Input Monthly Expenses:

Total Mortgage, Rents $:

Total Utilities (electric, water, gas) $ :

Total Insurance (life, health, car) $ :

Total Maintenance (house, car) $ :

Total Foods $ :

Other (Phone, Internet etc.) $:

Current Total Retirement Saved :

Total 401k $:

Total IRA $:

Total HSA $:

Others Saving $:

Average Market Returns %:

Estimated Result FIRE # is


*This will give an estimated result of FIRE # for you to retire for the next 30 years. It also gives you the result if you were to contribute and invest monthly.

Total $ needed to reach FIRE # :


Year would takes to reach FIRE # :

Total yearly expense :

Total retirement saving :




What you needed for FIRE LIFE :

Contribute $ monthly

with 8% returns. 

$ 100

$ 200

$ 500

$ 1000

$ 2000

$ 4000

Year takes to reach
FIRE #: $ 







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